CRUDE PREPARATION & SUSPENSION - receiving crude ore and suspending in water, use of surfactants

DE-GRITTING - continuous separation and removal of +325 mesh contaminants by sieving, gravity sedimentation, or centrifugation

CONTAMINANT REDUCTION - separation and removal of -325 mesh contaminants

PARTICLE SIZE REDUCTION / SHAPING - semi-autogenous milling at varying intensities, to alter the shape and size distribution of micron sized particles

IMPEX Pilot Plant Delaminator Brochure [pdf]
IMPEX Two Cell FMM Delaminator Brochure [pdf]
IMPEX High-Shear Mill Brochure [pdf]

DEWATERING SYSTEMS - reduction of water content by filtration, sedimentation, dry re-blend or evaporation.

DRYING - removal of water or other solvents to produce a highly flowable dry bead.

CALCINATION - alteration of a mineral's crystal structure and behavior by high-temperature roasting.

Other than our own equipment and services we represent the following:

WesTech Engineering - vacuum drum filters, clarifiers, thickeners, bio-oxidation systems 
Komline-Sanderson - rotary atomizers
SDS, Inc. - Spray Dryers for all applications, to 100,000 Lbs / hr.
Hankin Environmental Systems - calciners, kilns, scrubbers, fluid bed furnaces, combustion control
Elliott Machine Pulverizers - dry pulverizer, rugged design, works in the 10 microns range.

IMPEX Elliott Mill Brochure [pdf]

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