IMPEX Industrial Minerals Process Equipment Company


IMPEX offers "front-to-back" support through all stages of minerals beneficiation:

IMPEX/Aquafine Line Sheet Brochure [pdf]
  • Geologic Surveys / Assessment
  • Process Development / Design
  • Equipment Design
  • Consultation / Engineering
  • Process Audit (proposed processes or actual processes)
  • Pilot Plant

Aero-Instant Spray Drying Services Brochure [pdf]

  • Spray Dryers (rotary and nozzle atomization to 1000 tpm)
  • Calciners (kilns)
  • Pulverizer / Classifiers (Elliott)
  • Screens (round)
  • High-Intensity Milling (Hicom)
  • Classification
  • Packaging
  • Reactions
  • Mixing

Minerals Laboratory Services

  • Abrasion testing (EINLEHNER)
  • Particle Size Analysis (MALVERN)
  • Grit (HEGMAN)
  • Brightness (Pigment) (TECHNIDYNE)
  • Viscosity (BROOKFIELD)
  • Granulometry (ATM sieves, US Standard Testing)

Einlehner Abrasion Tester (website:

  • Einlehner Abrasion Testing
  • Einlehner Test Kits (standard mesh, abrader tires, backing plates)
  • Einlehner Tester Parts

IMPEX is prepared to:

  • Receive and prepare small crude samples
  • Evaluate the samples' potential for meeting the customer's objective
  • Devise / Link practical beneficiation methods
  • Design and develop a commercial process
  • Specify the equipment (type, size, capability)
  • Review proposals / drawings by prime contractors
  • Design operation and quality management systems
  • Furnish start-up support
IMPEX General Brochure [pdf]

Through its associates IMPEX can furnish:

  • Geologists
  • Chemists
  • Design Engineers
  • Production Managers
  • Quality Managers
  • Interpreters (Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese)
  • Start-up Technicians

Call, fax or email for information on services.

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